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David Juner at Fleets Colliery


David Juner at Fleets Pit, TranentThis is David Juner in the photo of a group of miners taken around 1910 at the Fleets Pit near Tranent, East Lothian.

His cloth cap has a metal clip where a 'tally lamp" would be attached. This was a simple metal oil or tallow lamp with a wick going down a long spout. These burned with a naked flame but could be used instead of safety lamps as inflammable gas was not a problem at the Fleets Pit.


Miners at Fleets Pit, Tranent - copyright

The photo is now part of the David Spence Collection at East Lothian Council Museums.

NOTE - Please do not reproduce this photo without the Museum's permission.
I have used it only because I obtained permission from Mr Spence in 1982


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