Hood Family and Coal Mining



This is a quick guide to a few of the places mentioned in this website, some which no longer exist.


Adamsrow, Redrow and Squaretown

Nnotes on these villages, their position on old maps, and a photo of Adamsrow.



Map showing the main features of this area such as the locations of the earliest coal pits. Also later maps.


Notes on the village, it's position on old maps, and a photo of the site today.


Cowpits area
Map of the area as it was in 1821 map showing Cowpits (Cowpitts), Old Craighall, Midfield, Monktonhall, Whitecraig all within Inveresk Parish. Also shows the location of the main engine pits.


Craighall area
Map of the area around the 1820's, showing Adamsrow, Cairnie, Claybarns, Cocklerow, (Old) Craighall, Millerhill, Monktonhall, Redrow, Squaretown, with boundary of Inveresk and Newton Parishes. Also location of some of the main pits.


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