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Hood Family History
A history of the descendants of David Hood from 1715 to the 1800's.
Also information on Coal Mining in Mid and East Lothian,Scotland.

Hood family and Scottish coalmining History

Hood Family
Descendancy Chart: Generations 1-4 (18th century)
Descendancy Chart: Generations 5-7 (19th century)
Index of people -  Hood    Other names
Index of marriages -  Hood    Other names

Other Hood information
Narrative history on some early individuals

Other Families
Juner (Juners, Junner, Junners)

Coalmining Information
includes information on various coalworks and coalmining methods, laws
coalmining records
transcripts of some original coalmining documents.

Maps - a few places mentioned in this website
Statistical Accounts - parts relating to coalmining
Glossary - coalmining, legal and other scots terms
Links - useful links

Purpose of the Website
It's pupose is not only to record the history of the Hood family, but also to provide information on coalmining, mostly centred on Midlothian, that may be of interest to others. I hope you find it useful.

Hood or Hoods?
This family's surname originally started off as 'Heads'. Other spellings I've come across have included Heids, Huds and Hoads. It soon became Hoods in most records but by the middle of the 19th century the 's' was droppen in most cases until it became the same as the more common 'Hood' surname. I've mainly used Hood in preference to Hoods in this website mainly for consistency.

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